Tesco Nature’s Choice (TNC)

The Tesco Nature’s Choice standard

The Tesco Nature’s Choice standard was created and developed by the British Super Market chain, Tesco, in 1991. The purpose of creating the standard was to ensure that suppliers (producers & traders) of fresh fruits and vegetables apply during the production, the principles of good agricultural practice thus ensuring product safety, environmental protection, and employee health. The procedures of the standard are similar to those of the Globalgap standard.


The Tesco Nature’s Choice standard is addressed to:

Either individual producers or groups of producers who wish to export their products to the Tesco Super Market chain.


Benefits of applying the standard:

  • It ensures the quality of the final product and consequently the satisfaction and trust of the customers due to the production of safe products
  • It is a competitive advantage and a tool for an opening to new markets, which have specific and strict requirements
  • It improves the image of the company to all members (staff, customers)
  • It can be applied at the same time with other quality standards
  • Its internationally recognized logo can be used
  • It promotes transparency in production processes and ensures traceability