Food Safety

Quality Consultants

Training of producers

The experienced and well-trained executives of our company, considering the primary sector as the cornerstone of the Greek economy, are constantly on the side of the Greek producer organizing trainings, the topics of which are: the application of good agricultural practices, farming techniques, integrated crop management, organic farming, etc.

The goal of these trainings is the sustainable management of the crops through techniques that increase yields, promote good environmental practices, and reduce the negative impact of the agriculture on the environment. The topic of the training is always adapted to the needs of the producers.

Training of executives

As part of the implementation of good practices in the industries, regarding health and safety as well as food quality and good industrial practice, we organize seminars and trainings for the executives of the companies that trust us in order to improve their operation for the benefit of the company as well as the employees themselves. We focus on the production of safe products, in an ethically organized work environment but also on the protection of employees and consumers.

Producer updates

Our main objective is that our producers are constantly informed on issues regarding good agricultural practices, safety matters, funding etc. and thus we have developed a fully updated informational system for them. The producers are notified by SMS, by the official page of the company that is constantly updated, by e-mail or by the social media.