EMAS (Ecological Management and Control System)


EMAS is an EU ecological management and control system and at the same time a quality management tool aimed at evaluating, reporting, and improving the environmental performance of companies. The participation of companies is not mandatory by the Legislation; however the standard is valid worldwide and covers all sectors of the economy and services. During this process, each company sets goals and continuously improves its performance.


The EMAS standard is addressed to:

All companies and organizations regardless of their type, size, product, or service provided (primary production, processing, trade, services, small or big industries) that have an impact on the environment.


Advantages of applying the standard

  • Registration and use of the recognizable EMAS logo
  • Reduction of the costs by adopting environmental awareness and the avoidance of unnecessary waste of natural resources (increase of recycling and energy saving)
  • Improvement of the company’s image to both employees and the public by achieving the goals that were set
  • Compliance with environmental protection principles beyond the current Legislation
  • Continuous improvement of the company, as it follows the new trends in environmental protection
  • Better communication of the company with the public organizations
  • Increase of interest from international organizations that have great environmental awareness
  • Comparative advantage over competitors
  • Contribution to the environmental protection by applying environmentally sustainable management programs
  • The standard is a strategic organization tool