AB Agricultural Insurance

AB Agricultural Insurance

The company AB Vassilopoulos has developed a system of selection and control of its suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables, while at the same time guides and trains the producers in innovative practices. There are three control levels:

  • Quality evaluation of the products upon receipt
  • Laboratory test for pesticide residues
  • Inspection of suppliers in the processing company or on the plot

The purpose of this system is the evaluation of the suppliers while at the same time ensuring that receives safe and quality products.


AB Agricultural Insurance is addressed to:

Either individual producers or groups of producers that supply AB Super Market chain with their products.


Benefits of applying the standard:

  • It ensures the quality of the final product and consequently the satisfaction and trust of the customers due to the production of safe products
  • It improves the image of the company to all members (staff, customers)
  • It can be applied at the same time with other quality standards
  • It promotes transparency in production processes and ensures traceability