FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 is a certification scheme for Food Safety Systems based on the ISO 22000: 2005 standard and the PAS 220: 2008 standard. It was created by the non-profit organization FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) and it is a new approach to the food safety risk management.


The IFS standard is addressed to:

This standard can be applied to all companies that deal with food. Those are production, processing, and standardization companies (excluding primary production companies) that have export activity and aspire to be certified with a standard that is accepted by the largest food industries.


Benefits of applying the standard:

  • It is proof of compliance with the requirements of the largest food companies in the world, for the safety and legality of their products
  • It is a standard recognized by the GSFI as equivalent to BRC, IFS and SQF Code
  • Companies that already apply ISO 22000: 2005 and have facilities sufficient to be certified with PAS 220: 2008 have a significant advantage
  • It ensures the quality of the product
  • Increases customer satisfaction and trust
  • It is a competitive advantage and a tool for an opening to new markets
  • It improves the image of the company to all members (staff, customers)