The GLOBALGAP standard is an international standard that defines all those ways that contribute to the implementation of the rules of good agricultural practice in order to produce safe products and the protection of both producers and consumers as well as the environment. It covers every aspect of the production process from the beginning to its distribution. The creation of the model is due to the initiative of the largest Super Market chains in Europe.


The GLOBALGAP standard is addressed to:

This standard can be applied to both individual producers and groups of producers. The sectors that can be applied are:

  • Agricultural products (fruits & vegetables)
  • Fish products
  • Animal products
  • Ornamental plants
  • Field crops
  • Tea
  • Coffee


Benefits of implementing the standard:

  • Protecting the health of both producers and consumers
  • Products with quality marking
  • Traceability throughout the production process
  • Production of safe and quality products for demanding markets
  • Environmental protection due to the more rational use of resources
  • Increase of the product’s added value
  • Opening to new demanding foreign markets
  • Increase profit due to better yield
  • Improvement in the organization and operation of the agricultural holding