ISO 22005: 2007 Traceability in the supply chain

ISO 22005: 2007

The production of safe food and animal feed is a necessity given that risks can occur at any stage of the production chain. In addition, traceability is a legal obligation of any company that is in any way related to the supply chain. ISO 22005: 2007 is an international standard and defines the framework of requirements for the implementation of a traceability system. It is considered flexible enough to allow companies to achieve their goals and to be applied when necessary.


The ISO 22005: 2007 standard is addressed to:

All categories of companies, regardless of their size, that are related to the supply chain.


Benefits of applying the standard:

  • It is a strategic organization tool
  • It is a proof of compliance with the current Legislation
  • It ensures the quality of the final product
  • It increases the profit through the more efficient use of resources
  • It improves the image of the company to all members (staff, customers)
  • It is a tool for opening businesses in new markets
  • It provides the possibility for an immediate withdrawal in case of a crisis