The Kosher standard

The Kosher standard

According to the Jewish food law, which is derived from the Bible, the term Kosher is refered to products that are suitable for consumption by the Jews. The Kosher certificate includes food products and has as a requirement the appropriate choice of raw materials and ingredients as well as the way of production of the specific products. The standard also includes prerequisites such as traceability, risk assessment, marking, etc.


The Kosher Standard is addressed to:

Companies that target global markets, as Kosher certified products pave the way for new markets and customers. With this certificate, it is certain that the products comply with the requirements of purity, cleanliness, and quality, thus creating relationships of trust.


Advantages of applying the standard:

  • Entry or expansion of businesses in global or local markets
  • Meeting the ever-increasing needs for Kosher products
  • The products can be consumed by both Jews and non-Jews
  • Gives added value to the product
  • Competitive advantage for the business
  • Increase of the marketability of the products
  • Globally recognizable logo