The Halal standard

The Halal standard

The word Halal, in Arabic, means what is accepted by the Islamic law. Therefore, Halal certified products are those that can be consumed by Muslims. These products, food or not, follow specific production or slaughter processes (in case of animal products), packaging and traceability that prove their purity. The Halal standards are approved by the Malaysia-based non-profit organization Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI).


The Halal Standard is addressed to:

Companies engaged in international trade. Such companies are import or export companies, distributors, traders, brokers, logistics professionals, carriers, shipping companies, airlines, or international transport companies. Also, to all companies that want to be active even in local markets, giving added value to their final product.


Advantages of applying the standard:

  • Entry or expansion of businesses in global or local markets
  • Meeting the ever-increasing needs for Halal products
  • The products can be consumed by both Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Gives added value to the product
  • Competitive advantage for the business
  • Increase of the marketability of the products
  • Globally recognizable logo